Square & Round Dance Club
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Welcome to Square & Round Dancing in
Bath, Brunswick & Topsham, Maine

Come have some fun as we share our love of Modern Square & Round Dancing!

Today we dance to an assortment of Rock, Pop, Funk, Hip-Hop, Blue Grass, and Country music. You will get great exercise, experience the satisfaction that comes with new learning, make new friends, and put a smile on your face. Troubles just disappear when you are moving in sync with wonderful music!

SAGE remains committed to providing a safe way for people to enjoy dance events as we adapt our policy to follow updated CDC prevention guidelines for different community risk levels. We request that attendees at all events be fully vaccinated and boosted. Masks will be optional at all workshops and dances. We also recognize that some of our members are more vulnerable and ask each of you to come prepared to graciously mask, should a dancer request that you do so while dancing in that square.

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